Slide & Swing Doors

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Sign windows are pleased to offer a brand new door solution to Leicestershire; the Deceuninck Slide & Swing Door. This new-generation multi-pane door enables you to maximise the available space in the room in which it is installed, much like a Bi-Folding or Patio door – but the Slide & Swing Door has many advantages over these more traditional styles of doors.

New Generation Slide and Swing Doors: How They Work

Unlike a Bi-Folding door, the swing and slide does not encroach upon the internal space of a room, or the patio space outside the house, when opening or closing. You are also able to independently open any pane of the door, allowing for ventilation or access. However, when the door is shut, the panels interlock together to create a solid wall, which offers a far more secure and safe entry point than a Bi-Folding or Patio sliding door.

The door is incredibly easy to operate, allowing one panel to slide at a time, so you can adjust the door to be in exactly the configuration that you desire at any given time. All of our Slide & Swing doors are fitted with Kite-mark accredited locking system, giving you and your family peace of mind. They also offer an excellent thermal efficiency, and weatherproof performance.

For more information about Slide & Swing doors, please watch the video below to see operation of the door, or get in contact with us today to ask any questions you may have about the door & schedule a visit.

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