Types of Conservatory

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Conservatories are Build in 5 Main Styles


Lean to conservatories will most usually be found in rectangular form with flat-plane sides and a sloping, single piece roof. To mitigate against weight issues and lower costs, roofing can now be comprised of poly-carbonate panels which are available in a range of different tinted shades. Normally there are two types of design with lean to conservatories. The cheapest and most popular are all-glazed designs. The other design consists of dwarf-walls, which obviously adds to the overall construction costs.


Victorian conservatories, often referred to as Victorian sunrooms are typically ornate, curved conservatories that are suited to both modern and period houses but especially to a period property. Typically Victorian conservatories have a 3 or 5-facet design, a steeply pitched roof complete with decorative finishing. Due to the nature of its design, a Victorian conservatory may not be best suited for a small design.


Nothing quite makes a statement like a Gable conservatory. Also referred to as a Pavilion conservatory, it is a commanding design, bursting with elegance and grandeur. The Gable conservatory is inspired by the styling of the Edwardian conservatory and incorporates a stunning, high-roof design. The elegant, simple design coupled with the maximised use of space delivers a real upgrade to any home, period or modern.


The Edwardian conservatory, sometimes also referred to as the Georgian conservatory in parts of the UK – although there are some distinct differences between the two, is an increasingly popular choice due to the clean, symmetrical design, the rectangular or square foot print which maximises space and provides a large, simple extension to your living space that seamlessly fits in with both modern and period houses alike.


A bespoke conservatory is just that, completely down to your specifications limited only by budget and space. Whether you want to incorporate the design of one of the traditional styles of conservatory, mix and match elements or work from an entirely fresh design; a bespoke conservatory puts you firmly in charge.

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