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Why Choose Bi-Folding Doors?

Doors were once seen only from a utilitarian point of view. Now however, doors can be a style statement and a symbol of the homeowner’s tastes and preferences. Combine that with cutting edge security and you’ll have the perfect entrance to your house.

Our team at Sign Windows is proud to offer a wide range of composite doors for your home. We’ll tailor the perfect door for you, one that complements the entrance to your house. Now you can enhance the kerb appeal of your property and your home security at the same time.

Browse through our comprehensive range of purpose built solid core composite doors available in many designs, styles and colours to suit every home.

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What are Composite Doors Made of?

Composite doors are constructed using a steel frame with a solid wooden core and an insulating foam layer which helps with sound isolation. These layers are securely glued together and housed in GRP — Glass Reinforced Plastic.

Security Features

Add an extra layer of security to protect your family and your home from intruders. Our solid core doors come with a range of proven and dependable security features like:

11-Pin Ultion Locks

Your door is only as strong as the lock it uses. Add an extra edge of security with the award-winning 11-pin Ultion Lock. All of our composite doors are equipped with the Ultion lock, offering an unbelievably strong defense from intruders. As an added bonus, Ultion offers a £1000 independent security guarantee with every lock they supply.

44mm Solid Wooden Core

Our Composite Doors are manufactured incorporating a 44 mm Solid Wooden Core, as opposed to inferior thickness door slabs. While still offering the appearance of a traditional wood grain timber door, our retro-modern doors are equipped with the latest security technology and better energy efficiency, when compared to timber.

Dual-Layer GRP Bonded Sub-Frame

Typical foam filled GRP doors are only strong and solid around a particularly small section. Our dual-layered GPR doors, on the other hand, are made up from two GRP skins bonded to a sub frame which is then filled with high density foam. Do note that the Gel coated GRP skins, which are bonded to the frame, are vulnerable to scratching, and can not easily be repaired if dented.

16 Layer Kerto Protection

All doors by Sign are made from sixteen layers of laminated veneered timber called Kerto®. This ensures the grain is not running in one direction — a weak point that can lead to warping or splitting. Using a specially orientated arrangement of sixteen veneers, the grain runs in multiple directions ensuring significantly increased strength, rigidity, and vastly improved security. Bonded to this are two robust, coloured PVCu skins that offer a realistic wood grain effect or smooth finish in a range of colours.

Foam or Wood Filled Composite Doors...

Which are Better?

Wood filled composite doors are generally a better choice from a security point of view. They are structurally stronger and better at holding up against brute force, compared to foam filled doors.

Foam filled doors, however, come with their own advantages. They offer better thermal insulation, are low on maintenance, more affordable and reasonably strong.

Solid Core Composite Doors: FAQs

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