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Homeowners in the UK love a good porch — regardless of whether their property is modern, traditional, high-end, or humble. A tastefully designed porch can add a lot of character to the entrance of your home.

We believe in keeping up with the times; even though wooden doors and window frames have their own charm, there’s no denying that newer materials like unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) have revolutionized this industry.

At Sign Windows, we manufacture uPVC panel doors at our in-house facility daily. Our years of experience and expertise in crafting high-quality British doors and windows allow us to ace every project and experiment with a range of different styles.

Whether you want a modern door panel design, or you’re looking for a simpler but equally secure and weatherproof solution for your property; our uPVC panel doors are the perfect choice for you.

Why is uPVC Perfect for Making Doors?

uPVC is a versatile polymer that is highly flexible and resistant against heat, moisture, termites, and other natural elements. It’s made from unprocessed plastic which allows manufacturers to shape and colour it in a million different ways. These doors can outshine traditional wooden doors any day of the week. Here are some of the most notable features and advantages that you must know about before selecting a front or back door for your property.


Our doors are near infinitely customisable, so we can find the exact match to suit your taste. Some of the options you can choose from include the design of the door panel, the pattern of the glass within the door, colour of both the interior and exterior of the door panel itself and the surrounding frame, not to mention the vast configurations and top lights available.

Thermal Efficiency

Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride is a poor conductor of heat which makes it a great insulator — ideal for applications like doors and windows. This in turn lowers electricity costs as your heating and cooling devices won’t have to do excessive heavy lifting on account of leakage.


Because these doors are easy to manufacture in large quantities, it is possible to keep their prices down thanks to economies of scale. Compared to wooden doors, these are cheaper and they don’t take nearly as long to get built even if you make a custom order.


While Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride alone isn’t strong enough, our doors come reinforced with a solid center core, making them exceptionally difficult to break down. However, there’s a lot more to security than just the material and its strength — your door is only as secure as the lock it uses.

We use state of the art 11-pin Ultion mechanisms that can stop lock-pickers and burglars in their tracks by making it nearly impossible for them to break into your property.

Low Upkeep, Maintenance and Installation Costs

With these doors, you don’t have to worry about natural elements like heat, harsh sunlight, moisture, and insects. These doors never rust, expand or contract, or attract termites — they’re the perfect solution. They’re also really easy on the pocket when it comes to installation and maintenance.

Enhanced Kerb Appear

Nothing sets the tone better than a good entrance to your home. You’ve probably spent a lot of time, energy, and money getting your home interior done up; why stop there? Extend the elegance to your front door.

These doors unlock a myriad of design possibilities; whether you want something modern or retro, it can be done surprisingly easily.

Side Panels Explained

Panels are a great way to add a little more style to your home entrance; these are designed to perfectly complement your front door. Another main advantage of fitting them is that they allow you to get creative with the fitment and incorporate nearly any style of door you want, in any type of arch.

Not sure what type of door you want? The best way to come to a decision is to talk it over with one of our installation experts, so feel free to get in touch for more information, or to arrange a home visit!

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