Flush Sash Windows

Proudly Serving Leicestershire & the East Midlands For Nearly 40 Years

At Sign, we manufacture premium quality flush sash windows right here in Leicester, at our in-house factory. We rely on stringent quality control standards making sure that every end product is perfect and free from niggles. The individual components that we use in the fabrication of all our products are certified and tested thoroughly.

Our factory houses dedicated machinery that’s calibrated exclusively for making bespoke flush sash windows. While these might look like traditional wooden windows, effectively they still come under the uPVC category. This allows them to retain the same energy rating, thermal efficiency, and security features that all of our uPVC windows come with.

Backed with over 3 decades of experience, our team is well equipped to meet your needs, whether you’re an individual or a business.

Reasons to Install Flush Sash uPVC Windows:

Flush windows do exactly what they say; the sash is designed in a way that it’ll sit seamlessly around the surrounding frame when shut. This is what makes these windows look neat, tidy and elegant. Looks aside, they perform supremely well when it comes to insulation and weather protection.

uPVC flush windows are ideal for contemporary homes and even period properties. With a wide range of options for customisability, you can add finesse to your property in a way that suits your taste.

Traditional Aesthetics with Modern Functionaility

The best part about flush sash windows is that they have the same traditional design and aesthetic appeal as timber windows, but with the added functionality of a modern uPVC window.

We’re proud to offer the Deceuninck Heritage Flush System which combines the beauty and elegance of a more traditional timber frame with superior build standards of uPVC windows. Heritage flush sash windows are available in a wide range of colour combinations, and with a large variety of hardware options. They can be customised to perfectly match your property.


Our windows are available in 50 colour-ways! You can customise the hardware, finish, and even the overall style to personalise your installation exactly the way you want.

Thermal Efficiency

Did you know that doors and windows that are adequately air-tight can help to lower your electricity bills and even your carbon footprint? Flush sash windows prevent the warm inside air from leaking out which takes some load off your heating and air conditioning devices.

Dummy Sash Windows Explained

Typically a flush sash window has dummy sashes, which are non-moving parts of the window designed to replicate the look of a standard sash. This adds a sophisticated appearance to the build.

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