FD30 Fire Doors

Saving Lives by giving peple more time to escape and maintain a safe exit route...

30 Minute FD30 Fire Doors...

Here at Sign Windows, we believe in saving lives by giving people more time to escape. Helping to maintain a safe exit route as well as protecting other areas of the property by creating a barrier against the spread of the fire.

There are currently 18 difference styles of FD30 Fire Doors available on the market today, take a look at some of the range below for a design that best suits your taste.

The 30 minute Fire Door Protecting against Fire & Smoke

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Clumber Grill

Maple Solid



Urban Wellow 4

Wellow 3 Handle

Wellow 3 Center

Normanton 2 Handle

Normanton 2 Hinge



Wellow 2

Wellow 4 Handle

Wellow 4 Hinge

Your Safety Assured...

Our FD30 Fire Doors are Designed to perform and meet the rigorous demands expected of a Fire Door. All of the FD30 Doors supplied by Sign Windows are fully certified ’30 Minute Solid Timber Core Composite Fire Doors’ and are fully durable with high security.

This is coupled with ’30 Minutes’ fire resistance to BS476 part 22,, and is fully tested and compliant to both sides and resistant to the escape of Fire Smoke to BS476 part 31:1.

We offer the benefit of being able to supply you with a maintenance free FD30 Fire Door that meets and has passed the strict mandatory requirements, as well as providing great thermal efficiency which has been Tested and Certified to be Compliant.

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FD30 Fire Doors Installed by Us

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FD30 Fire Door Delivery

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"Just because it's an FD30 Fire Door, Doesn't mean you have to Compromise on Style & Design"

Dean Mayes

understand the market

The dual certificated doorset is certificated for enhanced security and tested to PAS 24:2016 Enhanced Security. It is also accredited by Secured by Design.

Complient Door Furniture

All items of ironmongery are critical to the performance of the fire doorset. A small change can have an enormous impact in an emergency. Door-Stop have tested all elements of ironmongery and the certificate and data sheet contain the allowed specification including intumescent protection and fixing specification.

furnace Testing from both Sides

Furnace testing from both directions means that the door set has been fire tested with the fire attack side from both sides of the door system to demonstrate performance.